Eaton Electrical, Inc. partnered with InnVision ® Networks, L.L.C. to design, develop and implement products and application solutions that enhance their Home Heartbeat® (“HHB”) Home Monitoring & Control residential products’ value to the Broadband Industry (cable/telco/wireless).  InnVision has three missions on behalf of Eaton:

Mission 1: To fast track the design, development and manufacture of proprietary systems, software and equipment for efficient and profitable utilization of the existing communications Infrastructure;

Mission 2: To help Eaton develop and manage its HHB Broadband strategy, introduce HHB to the Broadband carriers, and sell Eaton Home Heartbeat products and services to Cable, Telco and Wireless Carriers that provide Broadband services in North America; and,

Mission 3: To help Eaton enhance HHB Broadband products, develop and implement functional enhancements for the InnVision designed Broadband Portal, to provide integration, installation and implementation assistance directly to HHB Broadband Licensees as required, and, directly assist Licensees in integrating other technologies into the HHB platform or deliver Portal enhancements not provided by Eaton.

For a provider of heating and air conditioning to trucks in truck stops (a “green solution”), InnVision Networks, L.L.C. developed a proprietary fiber optic technology (software, firmware and hardware) to provide the ability to sell and manage video-on-demand, multiple and variable tiers of satellite and cable TV channels, movie content, interactive education and testing, and other pay-per-use services in parked vehicles. The InnVision system is modular to allow for flexible configuration, to support a rapid roll-out, simplify installation and maintenance and reduce recurring operating costs. The system enables central control of services to parked vehicles and mobile facilities and provides the flexibility to modify the service offering and pricing in response to customer demands. InnVision is providing its systems, equipment, and software in support of this customer's nationwide roll-out in support of its environmental services in the United States and other markets.

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