1)  addressable systems and equipment that manage and control the profitable delivery of video-on-demand, broadcast and cable television, interactive entertainment, information and pay-per-use services, and high speed internet over cable, fiber, internet, Ethernet and wireless networks;

2)  addressable and interactive systems and equipment that manage and control the provision and profitable delivery home awareness and monitoring services utilizing a diverse platform of wired and wireless sensor and actuator devices over cable, fiber, internet, Ethernet and wireless networks;

3)  proprietary interactive terminal devices, software, signal delivery, and control systems;

4)  System Control Firmware, Broadband Portal Interactive Software & User Interfaces, Addressable Cable and PPV Operating Software, On-Screen Graphics, Information & Instruction, Multilingual On-Screen Information & Instruction, and, Copy Protection;

5)  Interactive Point of Purchase Software, Content Management & Control & Reporting, Billing Interfaces, Broadband Access and Wireless Access Software, On-Screen Display Software, Cell Phone & PDA Interface Software, DRM Encryption:  Pro:Idiom™/Verimatrix™, and, Secured Internet Content Distribution software;

6)  Internet and Ethernet network control of 'small' devices, pay-per-use billing and collections systems, interactive system interface devices, CATV systems, and system integration; and,

7)  Additional technical services including requirement analysis and planning, feasibility studies, product and software design and design reviews, project planning and management, content management, and, business and strategic planning.

Virtually all InnVision solutions are custom designed or integrated for its customers and are privately branded for their use and or sale.  InnVision’s proprietary interactive terminal devices, software, signal delivery, and control systems are flexible, scalable and cost effective.

InnVision’s customers are operating companies and manufacturer’s that provide movie, cable TV, high speed internet, telephony, VoIP, IPTV, security and control devices and services, and, other in-room or at home interactive entertainment and information services and equipment to the travel and hospitality industries, cable MSO’s, telco’s, transient living, hospital, home healthcare, business and residential markets.

The application of InnVision open architecture operating systems and control software enable solutions that address the specific needs its customers. InnVision integrated solutions enabled its customers to: leverage their existing infrastructure investment; respond to the changing demands of their customers with minimum incremental investment; implement new and more diverse revenue generating opportunities; and better control the day-to-day operation of their business.


InnVision’s equipment is manufactured by Andes Industries Canada Inc., InnVision's world-wide manufacturer and integrator. Through a strategic agreement, InnVision is able to leverage Andes’ plants in Korea, Taiwan, China and Canada to deliver high quality, very reliable equipment at a very attractive cost.

InnVision partners with numerous product and service providers such as ENSEO, MAYA Design, 6th Sight Limited, Eaton and others to provide its customers leading edge solutions that address their needs.

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